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Be. On. Now.

ABC news and Nightline presented this awesome report.

It was wonderful to see how the language of the body and the ways to monitor its reactions are becoming mainstream. It was also thought provoking that the video ends with the suggestion to “keep cool” under pressure.

“How exactly is this done?” one is might ask. Especially when you are like Michigan state basketball coach Tom Izzo on the video, riding the wave of the stress response. Yes, it is a response. Stress is not something that “happens” to you. Stress is your response to stressors. Hence, the power of being aware of the signals of it in your body and learning how to transform them. Self-awareness and self-regulation allow you to bring yourself to center when your heart rate has doubled, your core temperature is incredibly high and your breathing is shallow.

Keeping cool under pressure is about recognizing how you react to challenges. Becoming proficient in yourself, in your reactions and then knowing how to overcome them if they are detrimental to you, to your health or your relationships. This is what we mean when we say BE. ON. NOW. Be aware. Be present. Be calm. In this moment. This is how you flow, and avoid the horrific consequences of chronic stress.

At the Axeos Performance Institute we do this all the time.

Pilar Angel, Co-founder, Axeos