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Wisdom 2.0 Conference

How to create an environment more conducive to learning?

Many of the attendees to the Wisdom 2.0 conference – – held last weekend in San Francisco, seem to agree that the best way to do this is to include practices that increase the sense of being present, and the training of the mind to focus and pay attention. The latter being code words for activities like yoga and meditation, mindfulness.

Ariana Huffington, one of the speakers to the more than 2,000 attendees to the conference, said that those of us at the conference represented a growing movement for the America that is the aware of the enormous costs of stress, “not just in the health and well-being of business leaders and employees, but on the bottom line as well.”

The other part of this split screen world of corporate America, the one which values earnings, reports that beat growth expectations, and ROI above the well-being of those that make it possible, are finding out the hard way that this alternative route to peak performance, may be the key to productivity. “2013 is the year that many top CEO’s in Americas largest companies, came out of the closet, not as gay, but as meditators”.

Congressman Tim Ryan (author of the book “A Mindful Nation”) says that a testament to how “voracious the country’s appetite is for something transformational” is the fact that the most innovative companies like Google, Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin offer meditation, yoga and napping space for their employees. Google has even created the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute to offer programs that train innovative leaders in the art of mindfulness and emotional intelligence.

One of the reasons this ‘less is more approach’ has taken hold of the imagination of these pioneering companies is the fact that science is proving what ancient traditions have always suggested: our brains are neuroplastic, and we can train ourselves to gain clarity, focus, creativity and become more compassionate.

At Axeos we couldn’t be happier to spearhead this movement for Texas. It should be said, though, that we not only train the mind, we train the body as well. Stay tuned!

Pilar Angel
Co-founder, axeos.