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Axeos receives patent number two!

Axeos Performance Institute
Contact: Pilar Angel, +1.972.267.4246

Axeos Performance Institute is Granted Patent for System and Method for Selecting and Altering a Training Session


Dallas, TX – June 8, 2017 – Axeos Performance Institute is once again pleased to announce the issuance of a second patent (US 9,530,331 B2) that utilizes an innovative approach to optimize talent within an organization for the purpose of individual peak performance.

This patent is a springboard from Axeos’ first patent in that it uses it as a baseline from the previous physiological measurements of each individual. The new information is then used in a unique way to determine the most effective course of training to achieve peak performance. The technology draws on many different sources – neuroscience, behavior physiology, and human systems theory, and when combined – as it is in this new patent – can determine what an individual needs to perform at their highest and most productive level.

Bellann Hyten, the owner of Camino Business Management, says this of his Axeos training: “When I first met with Eileen and Pilar, I had just left a corporate job as chief financial officer of a large, local CPA firm.  I didn’t realize it at the time but I was suffering from corporate burnout.  Their process helped me recognize how I was not presently operating at my best and how this impaired performance was negatively impacting other aspects of my life.  Since their services, I am better equipped to operate at my peak abilities. I’m very grateful to them!” 

In addition, Axeos co-founder Pilar Angel, the newly issued patent can be summed up this way: “Let’s take the example of coffee: even though we did not invent coffee per se – or in this instance the exact technology of this utility patent – we did develop a very nice Breakfast Blend to help achieve excellence in personal performance. In this example, the patent is the Breakfast Blend!”

According to Axeos co-founder Eileen McDonald, very few people understand the function of the body’s unique nervous system, or body signals, which are the invisible cues that lead to visible changes in performance. Amy Cuddy said it best, “Our bodies change our mind, our mind changes our behavior, and our behavior changes outcomes.”

The patent further explores an innovative approach to optimizing the talent and resources within an organization including, but not limited to, an individual employee, teams of employees, and to executives within the organization. This patent attempts to improve an employee’s vitality, vibrancy, wellness, and overall work performance.

The Axeos Performance Institute is a wellness company based in Dallas, Texas that trains individuals at the corporate level to better manage stressors that might otherwise inhibit peak performance.

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