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Patent Artifact

Axeos Performance Institute is pleased to announce the issuance of a patent (US 9,251,716 B2) that utilizes a unique and original way to use health related devices for the purpose of peak performance. The patent, invented by Douglas Drane, Eileen McDonald and Pilar Angel, combines cutting edge technologies from the health field and uses the information they relay to enhance peak performance. Their system allows real-time measurements that identify the way the body responds to different stressors, allowing the individual to become aware of patterns and behavior that limits their performance.

Axeos investor Douglas Drane holds several other patents that are changing the paradigm with regard to how companies and people learn, grow and stay relevant in today’s fast-paced and rapidly changing world. He says, “This patent is important because its cutting edge technology and process is a systematic way that organizes peak performance in the workplace. I am thrilled with the work Axeos is doing and excited this patent has been granted to us.”

This Utility patent differs from other wellness patents in that it combines and utilizes health related devices to measure stressors, and with the acquired data relayed, provides an understanding with which to better coach individuals for the optimization of peak performance in the workplace.

Pilar Angel, Axeos co-founder says, “this patent allows us to own a very specific blend of technologies and techniques that have shown to produce great results for our clients.”

In addition, Eileen McDonald, also a co-founder of Axeos states, “our corporate training system is grounded in scientific research in such areas of neuroscience, behavioral physiology, and psychology.”

The Axeos Performance Institute is a wellness company based in Dallas, Texas that trains individuals at the corporate level to better manage stressors that might otherwise inhibit peak performance.

More information on the patent can be found at: US Patent 9,251,716