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Axeos Performance Institute performed a case study with an IT company, who is recognized as a top company in the world of Technology Innovation. The company has been recognized in many areas and have received the following awards :Fastest Growing Company by CRN, Best Places to Learn (2010) by NACE, the Best Places to Work (2012,2013,2014)by Dallas Business Journal, Seattle Business Journal, Illinois Daily Business Herald and Atlanta Business Chronicle, and the Best Places to Learn (2013,2014) by ASTD.

During the pilot, Axeos coaches meet with each executive individually for one hour per week, over a four week period. The initial session consisted of an assessment followed by three training sessions. Trainings were individualized based on the results of the executive’s assessments/evaluations.

The chart below indicates the baseline in the red and the post training results in green line. Thirteen parameters were measured by online, self-report questionnaires. The results showed an increase-improvement in positive attributes: memory, quality of sleep, optimism, positive moods, equanimity, energy, motivation and concentration.

The results indicate an improvement with a decrease in the negative attributes: fatigue, negative thinking, restlessness, irritability and impulsiveness.

When both positive and negative attributes are improved then executives’ can improve their performance at work and at home. They are emotionally connected, resilient, attentive, focused, creative and able to problem solve.

Pilot Group Results after 3 Training Sessions with AxeosPI


Pilot Studt pic export


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