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The Axeos Performance Institute assessments and trainings are scientifically based. Our proprietary
patent pending system uses FDA approved devices that provide specific and accurate data. We run this
information through an algorithm to formulate individualized programs that optimize performance.
Executives then get to work with highly trained coaches on how to navigate their daily stressors, and
most importantly, how to recover from them. Chronic stress without recovery leads to burn out and exhaustion.

This is exactly what professional athletes do every day: Get the best information possible, tweak the
errors, train, and practice. Superbowl winners like the NFL Seahawks, Grand Prix race car drivers,
the Canadian Luge and Bobsled teams train using our exact same devices. Executives, on the other
hand, hardly ever train, and when they do, the focus is on primary competencies like analytics, public
speaking, time management or business development.

In the 40 to 50 years that the average executive career lasts (as opposed to the 7 to 10 years of an
athlete’s) little to no attention is given to increasing the capacity that allows the individual to execute
daily tasks: Powering attention, igniting endurance, sparking creativity, fostering equanimity in the
workplace. These are the game changers when it comes to peak performance.
Our clients rave about the possibilities of what getting an accurate look of the inner workings of
their own nervous system have done for them. No wonder that executives who trained at the axeos
performance institute reported 20% increase in motivation, memory and energy, 40% decrease in
fatigue and negative thinking and 20% decrease in irritability and impulsiveness … all within 3-4 training sessions.